Saturday, 12 March 2011

First post...

So, to start off my very first post, I'd thought I'd share with you all something that has a look and a practicality fantastic enough to be carried by John Wayne himself. Saddleback Leather brings us an overnight bag whose sheer awesomeness shears the faces off of mountains and drops itself into war-zones full of porn and weed. Behold, the...

            Duffel/Overnight Chestnut Leather Bag

Just picturing all of the awesome things that could fit into there makes one squeal with joy and start knocking over liquor stores for overnight bag money. However, those liquor stores better be in a high-end neighbourhood, as this bag goes for 537 American. 

In case Mr. Moneybags needs something to take with him while banging his mistresses, here's the link: 


  1. Definitely a sweet bag, though kinda bulky

  2. I travel a bunch for my weddings and such and would love to have something like this.. check out my blog sometime bro